Welcome to our "coffee academy" serving to the Rwandese Specialty Coffee Industry

Since 1966 we drive toward a coffee networking place. This CxC coffee academy is open to everybody from the industry. Our main target is, to bring as much benefit as possible directly to the local coffee farmer.

In Butare, Huye District, direct on the main road between the capital city of Kigali and Bujumbura. Look for the yellow building with a huge coffee tree painting on it or just smell the coffee .....

   Why is Rwanda coffee unique?.  We want you, the consumers, to discover 
   one thousand reasons.  
   Rwanda has spectacular terrain, extremely hilly with a  rainbow of weather 
   and microclimates.  
   The Bourbon Coffee variety grows in  30,000 hectareas contrywide, under 
   the vigilant care of 400 thousand families.
   Coffee farming brings so much needed income so kids can go to school.  
   It is estimated that 85 % of coffee farmers are women.

   Due to the geographical position at 3 * South of the Equator, we run a trial
   project in assisting, during the 'small' rainy season, a clean production of  
   the small holder fly crop.......