Reviews entries in our guest book already from 42 countries !

Thank you for the espresso, it was more then welcome relief from Nescafé! When I am in Butare next, I will most certainly return. Edward B. Loeser

What a pity that I discovered this wonderful place just 3 days before I leave. I would have come here more often. I’ll try to promote this brand. Good luck for this enterprise. Arno

The coffee and café are complementary to each other and it’s a great feeling, while being here. Too bad, I live more than 1000 kilometers from here and are only on vacation. Frederik 

This place is the best kept secret in Butare! The atmosphere and service is wonderful and the coffee is delicious. I wish you much success for many years. Linsay Koth 

Thank you for the best cup of coffee in the country! Delicious, delightful and darling. I plan to return many times. Daniel Hanmschild 

This is the best coffee I have ever tried in Rwanda, more over in Butare. I am a coffee addict meaning I’ll be coming back as many times as possible, my friends. Gerald Mbabazi

Mmm delicious. Best coffee in Rwanda so far! Thank you. Kris Michaux

Ni ikawa iryoshye cyane igaragaza ikawa nyarwanda, ariko hakenewe imenyekanisha ryayo n’iryahano hantu ku bantu b’I Huye. Albert

Cozy place with nice and tasty coffee. I am sure I’ll come back. Miko Kosuhosk (JICA Volunteer)

Félicitation, vous nous amenez du bon café très delicieux et c’est l’innovation ici à Huye merci. Elgoe

1st decent cup of espresso since arriving in Rwanda. Definetely helpful to get our MSC thesis finished on time. Nice service from Assumpta. Elis + Hannes (KTH Sweden).

Luzius, your cappuccino is absolutely fantastic! Roland

This was a great coffee, with a nice girl serving it. What do you want more from a coffee shop.

Very nice place you have here; love the old coffee machines; gives it an authentic natural vibe. Max

I am very impressed with CxC! The coffee is the best in Rwanda, the service and atmosphere are excellent. I’ll come back for sure! Thank you. Pamela

Very delicious coffee, the best one in Rwanda. Greeting from Germany. Jenny

I love delicious coffee and chocolate by CxC coffee. Good smile and great care for customers. Mika

Wow the cappuccino foam is perfect now. Thank you Katherina for your training! Luzius

Great set up!! Love the coffee and really enjoyed learning more from the roasting. Jean Pierre

I had such a great time since here watching you making the best coffee I ever tasted. Sebastian

Love the digs. Keep up the sweet beans- Dee-lish! Colby (Verve Coffee Roasters, Santa Cruz. CA)

Very nice place with the best coffee in Africa so far.  Mebel & Joris (travelling overland from the Netherlands to Cape Town).

Lovely taste of Rwanda’s Coffee. It reminds me to Mt. Kilimajaro. Keep it up. Alexander (Arusha TZ)

I came to Butare just to try the famous coffee at Café Connexion and it was well worth the trip. Amber

Made me feel like I was back in Melbourne. Great Coffee in a really nice laid back setting. Pete + Karen

This is the best coffee. Your customer care is warmly attractive and your smile has always been wonderful to me. I feel that is a real coffee paradise! I wish you would expand your biz. Peter from NUR

I had a great birthday party at Café Connexion. Thank you so much to Zeze for your support. Saskia

Enjoying the vibes of Rwanda and I am very happy here. A lot of beautiful moments will remind me of this time and stay in my heart. Thanks for the tasty coffee and cosy atmosphere. Angela

Vive la promotion du café bio rwandais, j’espère que ce type de commerce continuera de se développer et à exporter ce café en France. On attend le musée du café pour notre prochain voyage… Castres

I came from Kigali, where good coffee is significantly lacking, and loved the delicious coffee and very friendly atmosphere here! Will definitely be back. Casey

Love the story behind the start of your business and the love you have for coffee. Thanks for sharing!

Having come to look at the building with Luzius and Jean-Marie back in August 2011, it was great to return and see that the dream has become reality! Now I have my 10kgs of roasted and of 10kgs green. I’m ready to head back home to the UK and stay flying for the next year. JP + Bosco deserve a mention for growing the coffees and likewise Mario for helping farmers to grow more than before. Simon

I discover today this place for the first time by my collegue, and I can say that this place is what we needed in this country. People who know what they are doing and trying to improve everyday what they do. Thanks for the result. I mean the excellent coffee, the good system and equipment. The will of giving knowledge to Rwandese in this field. Roger & Faustin from ALPUMUHUZA Ltd, Kigali

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